Counterfeit Detection

Are your parts what they are supposed to be?
With a continuing demand for obsolete parts, manufacturer’s have turned increasingly to the broker market to meet procurement needs. In recent years, there has been a proliferation of non-authentic parts in the surplus market. Supplying counterfeit parts has jeopardized long standing business relationships.

Component Concepts has been providing verification services to suppliers of parts to military and commercial manufacturing. The testing of counterfeit parts can provide the needed information to prevent the use of these parts.

Counterfeit Part Detection

  • External Visual Examination – Verifies proper construction and looks for signs of substandard workmanship and re-marking. Documents all external markings to assist in device authentication.
  • Physical Dimensions – Ensures dimensions conform to the published manufacturer specification.
  • Marking Permanency – Tests solvent resistance utilizing Mil-Standard methods.
  • Die Internal Visual – De-encapsulate plastic parts and de-lid hermetic parts to allow die markings and logos to be documented and photographed. These are provided in a color report and on digital file format to assist in the authentication process.
  • 100% Electrical Testing – Performance of testing to the manufacturer’s specifications to ensure that parts function as required. This can be done over the device temperature range when needed.