About CCI

About CCI

Component Concepts, Inc. (CCI) is an Electronic Component Testing Laboratory and has been providing component testing and value added services to high reliability customers for over 25 years.

Customers from the Defense and Space Industry, Medical Manufacturers and Component Distributors / Manufacturers utilize Component Concepts for the wide array of services provided. Quick turn around times on quotations and personal contact with customer service make it easy to work with Component Concepts. With competitive pricing, reduced lead times and consistent high quality, Component Concepts is becoming the primary choice for many of its customers.

Customer Satisfaction

  • Continuously Monitored On-Time Delivery
  • Equipment calibration is traceable to NIST
  • Unique administrative and production software that minimizes time for order entry and test plan generation
  • Order status is tracked continuously in one-hour intervals
  • Customers are provided weekly status updates.
  • All data is archived for future reference


Get the latest on NASA’s Parker Solar Probe, built with components proudly screened at CCI.

Parker Solar Probe

Quality System

Component Concepts has a ISO 9001:2015 certified quality system with full ESD controls in place. Data retention requirements are met through a complete document storage and retrieval system. Equipment calibration and recall is maintained.

Quality Policy

Component Concepts, Inc., a laboratory testing organization, is committed to providing its customers with Quality products and services that continually meet and exceed customer expectations. The ultimate measure of quality is the achievement of the highest levels of customer satisfaction and loyalty. We are committed to earning that loyalty. We are also committed to following and continually improving our quality management system.